Best burguers in Playa del Carmen

Since moving from the US (more specifically, the Midwest, where red meat and potatoes dominate the dinner table) to Playa del Carmen, I feel like I’ve adjusted well to the different food here. In the states our Mexican food is more like Tex-Mex – lettuce and cheese in our tacos – blasphemy if you ask most Mexicans. Even though I love the food here in PDC, the number one thing I crave here is a big juicy cheeseburger. I’ve found two different spots in Playa del Carmen that can quench that craving for me when I’m dying for a taste of home.

Branton Burgers

Best burguers Playa del Carmen real estate

Branton Burguers


Located on Ave CTM between 5th and 10th, next to Oxxo, this little burger stand is open nights only – 7:30 pm until 2 am. They don’t have a huge menu but the prices are great – for $60 pesos you can get a double cheeseburger, which is HUGE! They offer delivery service as well if you don’t want to leave the house. They have these extra toppings you can add to your burger, my favorite are the marinated serrano chiles. Be careful with those, they can sneak up on you!

Mr Dog del Caribe

Best Burguers in Playa del Carmen real estate

Mr Dog


Calle 2 Norte, between 5th and 10th, Mr Dog was recommended to me by another expat. Their prices are a little higher but the menu is bigger which different burgers like the Mr. Mushroom (my favorite) or the Mr. Mexican. Their combo meals come with a soda and French fries; cost is around $90 pesos. Delivery is available here too.

Both burger joints have Facebook pages so you can check out their menu before going to the restaurant or having something delivered. Buen provecho!


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