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A great local business, providing incredible maintenance for your outdoor spaces!

The local business of the month for October is Greenway Landscaping, a company here in Playa del Carmen, founded by Rachel and Jorge, from Canada and Mexico. I spent a couple hours discussing the business with Rachel and Jorge and taking a look at some of the incredible projects they have in the works.

Greenway Landscaping began operations in April 2014, after the owners decided to take what they know about landscape and design and bring it to the Caribbean, leaving behind the cold temps of Canada. Working in various neighborhoods across Playa del Carmen, like downtown and Playacar, as well as different parts of the Riviera Maya, Greenway Landscaping offers a multitude of services for owners of real estate Riviera Maya.

Empty space that needs work?

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Before & After

Perfect for the job, Greenway Landscaping will come in to take a look at the space and discuss your ideas. Whether it’s a private rooftop that needs a little love or a backyard that you want to completely overhaul, Greenway Landscaping can take your outdoor spaces and make them beautiful. Add a pergola or a palapa, maybe even a pool, Rachel and Jorge have established an incredible network of local workers in the area that you can trust to do the job.

Maintenance and upkeep

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Before & After; the difference that proper pruning can make for your plants

If you are not living full time in your real estate in Playa del Carmen, Greenway Landscaping is available to hire for gardening services as well.  Just like having Moskito Property Management to take care of your indoor spaces, Greenway Landscaping can provide that peace of mind that knowing your property is maintained and cared for when you are not there is invaluable.

Wanting to sell your property?


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Plants that are allowed to overgrow can make a house look uninviting.

And finally, if you’ve found a new property in Playa del Carmen real estate and want to sell your previous home, consider looking to Greenway Landscaping for ideas on how to increase the curb appeal of your property.


Playa del Carmen real state, Curb Appeal After, Moskito

Trimmed plants look healthier and the home looks more welcoming!

Working together with Moskito Real Estate and Property Management, the three of us can help make your indoor and outdoor spaces welcoming and appealing to those who are considering purchasing the property.

Talking with Jorge and Rachel, the passion they have about their work is easy to see. They strive for incredible service, combining the best of both countries – Canada and Mexico. “Like” Greenway Landscaping on Facebook and reach out to Jorge and Rachel directly for more information on their services.


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