Celebrating Thanksgiving in Mexico


This year will be my first Thanksgiving in Playa del Carmen and also my first time I’ve missed my traditional Thanksgiving celebration with my extended family. At first it made me a little sad, but then I remembered what the weather is like this time of year in Iowa. Cold, dreary and usually snowy. And in Playa del Carmen in November? Well the weather here is the opposite of that; sunny, perfect temps – it will be my first Thanksgiving enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie in my flip flops and I can’t wait!

Being away from the states doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Turkey Day; there are places here in Playa del Carmen that cater to the expats living here that are missing their turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Places like Wah-Wahs, Plank and La Casa del Agua offer amazing menus for Thanksgiving.

This year my Mexico family is going to check out Mom’s Restaurant and Bar on 30th Avenue and 4th Street. A great bar for expats, they have nightly specials and home cooked meals, just like your mom used to make. For Thanksgiving, they are offering an incredible buffet – for $175 pesos you’ll get the food you’ve been craving without having to do the cooking and clean up when you’re done. And you can enjoy the atmosphere and meet other expats that live in Playa del Carmen.

Another event to enjoy during Thanksgiving week is the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, held from November 27-29. If you’re a jazz lover you can spend your Thanksgiving relaxing on the beach with some incredible FREE entertainment!

If you would rather stay home and enjoy your beautiful piece of Playa del Carmen real estate, you can make dinner for your family by finding all the ingredients needed to make a traditional Thanksgiving meal at Mega, Wal-Mart or other local grocery stories.

Start new traditions with family and friends here in Playa del Carmen and be thankful that you are lucky enough to live in the Riviera Maya!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Moskito!

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