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Cell phones

If you’ve purchased real estate in Playa del Carmen, you of course are looking forward to using it, either for a couple weeks a year, a couple months, or maybe you are ready to move down full time. Having friends and family visit you in paradise is just another big plus for buying property in the Riviera Maya.  But for those friends or family that can’t visit, how do you stay in touch? Or when you make new friends, how do they get in contact with you?

If you are just staying for a few weeks or months, one option is to purchase a phone that you can just add credit as you go. When I arrived into Playa I got my first phone at Wal-Mart for about $300 pesos and that included credit. It’s not a smart phone but it gets the job done for local calls or texting. You can add credit to the phone at Oxxo, Wal-Mart, and other convenient stores; you just give them your phone number, the provider (who the chip came from) and how much credit you’d like on the phone.

Another option for texting friends or family members that are not in Mexico is Whatsapp. This is an application that can be downloaded to your smart phone and used whenever you have Wi-Fi connection.  It doesn’t take texts from your plan and it’s free. I used a smart phone in the states and now I use that here a lot for messaging friends or family in the US via Whatsapp. And a lot of people use Whatsapp down here too – you can use it to order food from some restaurants that deliver or to get in touch with your realtor at Moskito. 

There are of course other options for cell phones down here – plans like you would get in the states or Canada, these are just some options to consider if you’ve purchased Riviera Maya real estate and are looking for an affordable and easy way to communicate in the area during your time here. 


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