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Cenote Azul – Riviera Maya

Looking for something new to do, something affordable, kid-friendly and different than the beach? Just a short 15 minute drive from Playa del Carmen you can discover many beautiful cenotes (pronounced seh-no-tehs) in the area. Cenotes are fresh water sinkholes, some have amazing cave systems that divers can explore, others feature cliffs perfect for jumping from, and all are beautiful and unique.

Located on the federal highway, as you head south past Puerto Aventuras, you will see signs for different cenotes. My favorite to visit is Cenote Azul. The cost to enter is about 70 pesos for adults, cheaper for kids and for locals. We like to pack a lunch when we go, there are plenty of places to sit and relax. There’s a cliff to jump from that’s tall enough to give you a thrill but also not so tall that you’ll be scared to try it, it’s about 15 feet high. Azul is Spanish for blue and that’s exactly what this water is. The cenote water is extremely refreshing, because it’s fresh water it is not as warm as the ocean. Cenotes are great for kids to swim in because they don’t have to fight the waves or current like they do in the ocean. Bring a life jacket along because the depths can vary. And if you have adventurous kids, they’ll want to jump off the cliff!

The cenotes are just another amazing feature that makes it so unique and popular for those looking for vacation spots or to purchase real estate in Riviera Maya. Pack a lunch, your swimsuit, and enjoy an affordable and fun afternoon at one of the many cenotes in the area!  Here are some pictures for Cenote Azul.


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