Embracing Mexico

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Embracing Mexico


One of the most beautiful things about living as an expat in the Riviera Maya is learning about the customs and traditions of this country and recognizing the differences between Mexican culture and the culture I grew up in. If you have found a piece of Riviera Maya real estate to call your own it’s clear that you already love the Mexican Caribbean. And what’s not to love? The celebrations, the food, the music, the history, you are living in a country rich with tradition and culture. My personal experience here has been life changing and there are also the little things that occur every day that are different for me and have become some of my favorite things about living here.

One of my favorite customs that I’ve come to embrace is the way I greet people, old friends or people I’m just being introduced to. With friends, a kiss on the cheek is how you say hello and goodbye. With strangers, a kiss on the cheek, followed by a quick introduction has replaced the handshake that I was used to in the states. Nothing can make a person feel more welcome than a kiss on the cheek and a hug from ten people when arriving to a party. And nothing can make leaving the party take longer than having to say goodbye the same way you said hello.

I love sitting down for a meal at a restaurant and having strangers that are passing by say “buen provecho”, which means “bon appetit”. Something about that saying, it seems to make me enjoy my meal more. 

What else do I love about Mexico? Too many things to list, it’s the little things that have made me fall more in love every day with this country.  I learn something new every day, an expression or phrase, the nickname for someone named Ignacio (Nacho!), all parts of the Mexico experience that I am lucky enough to have because I live here. 

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