Fruits in Playa del Carmen

There is nothing like the fruit in this area of Mexico. Everything always tastes so sweet and fresh and is easy to find – you can visit fruit stands on the 30th Avenue, local markets and even mobile fruit stands. What I love about the fruit here is how it’s used to make fresh water – watermelon water, mango water, whatever you can think of, blend it up, add a little sugar and some cold water and you have a refreshing drink!


Moskito Playa del Carmen real estate -Lychee


The first time I saw the lychee from a distance, I thought it was a strawberry. Until I got closer and then I had no idea what I was looking at. You peel back the furry skin and eat the flesh, which surrounds a pit. I think the flesh of this fruit tastes and looks a lot like a grape. They are available in the summer, I usually see people selling them on the street, with a wheelbarrow-like cart and a little scale to weigh out your purchase.

Dragon fruit

Moskito Playa del Carmen real estate - Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

Probably the prettiest fruit I’ve ever seen, the inside is white with little black seeds that are edible. I would compare the texture to a kiwi. The easiest way to eat is to cut in half and use a spoon to dig out the flesh. It’s really good for fresh fruit water. Sometimes I think it’s too pretty to cut up, it looks great in a fruit basket on your table!



Moskito Playa del Carmen real estate -Mango


Not really considered all that exotic but my all-time favorite fruit, when the mangos are ripe you can smell them the minute you walk into a store. I love to peel back the skin and eat it like a banana, it can be kind of messy, but that’s how you know you’ve got a good, juicy mango.

Look for some of these different fruits to try the next time you are at the market. Or ask about fruit water when you’re ordering something to drink at a restaurant or little café. Most small restaurants will have fresh fruit water on hand. Your taste buds will thank you for it!


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