Furnishing your Playa del Carmen real estate

Furnishing your Playa del Carmen real estate

Furnishing your dream home

Decorating a new home can be a fun experience for some, an opportunity to express yourself and your taste by choosing the furniture, artwork and decor for your condo or home. For others, it can be a daunting task, having to make decisions about which furniture would look best, being overwhelmed by all the options. If you’ve purchased real estate in Playa del Carmen or other parts of the Riviera Maya, there are great options in the area for purchasing furniture. Some Playa del Carmen real estate comes already furnished, you might just want to add a piece of art here or there (watch for my blog post about art stores in Playa del Carmen). Or you might buy a place that is completely unfurnished. Here are a couple of places to start your search.

If buying furniture is an overwhelming task that you don’t enjoy check out these two stores, Casa Latina or Furniture Mex. The thing I like about these stores is they offer turn-key packages, for one price you can fully furnish your vacation home. Choose the style the best fits you, modern, contemporary or a more Caribbean feel, decide between a small amount of options and colors and you’re all set. Less stress and you won’t feel overwhelmed by all the options out there. Both companies offer add-ons as well – if you need small kitchen appliances, dishes, accessories for the bathrooms and bedrooms, it’s the one-stop shop for all the things you’ll need to make your new condo move in ready.

If you prefer to choose the furniture individually, there are a multitude of furniture stores on the Federal Highway, starting in the north part of Playa del Carmen. Liverpool, a mid to high-end department store located just south of Centro Maya offers nice furniture, but you’ll pay a higher price. Big box stores in the area do have a small selection of furniture but you’ll need a membership to check out what Sam’s and City Club have to offer.

Whether you prefer a package deal or to pick the pieces individually, finding great furnishings for your new piece of real estate in Riviera Maya is a breeze! Enjoy the experience and making your new house feel like a home!


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