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When people find out that I have been living here in Playa del Carmen for a little over a year, they usually say – “so you must be fluent in Spanish?”  And my answer to that is – “not yet, but I’m working on it”. I’ve been saying that now for about 6 months, it’s time to find a class to take to speed this process along.

It is possible to move to Playa del Carmen, only speak English, and be just fine. Being in an area many, many English speaking people visit or live, you will find people that work in restaurants, bars, shops, etc, speak English. BUT – if you’ve made the decision to live here full time or part of the year and become part of the community, it’s important to learn some Spanish.  Not only that, it is fun and a great way to meet people and make new friends. There are three schools I’ve been researching in Playa del Carmen that offer week long intensive language courses or private lessons.

International House – 14th St., between 5th and 10th Ave.

Offers intensive week long courses, part time courses for foreign residents, Spanish course for families or groups and other combinations of classes – intensive courses where you also learn diving, Latin dancing, cooking, etc.

Chichen Itza Language School – 4th St., between 10th and 15th Ave.

This school offers similar programs as International House – intensive courses, private lessons and combo courses.

Solexico – 6th St., between 35th and 40th Ave.

Again, there is a similar offering of classes at Solexico but when you find your vacation rental in Playa del Carmen with Moskito; you get a 20% discount with language courses at this school.

Find all of the schools on Facebook or at the links below and begin your journey to become bilingual. Buena suerte!






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