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A recent survey conducted by an expats magazine called Expat Insider put Mexico third on the list of best places in the world for expats. Expats or expatriates are people living outside of their home country. Since moving from the United States in 2013, I’ve found that there is a feeling of community among expats here in Playa del Carmen, people who have been here longer than me can always help me find what I’m looking for, whether it’s a place to get my haircut, a less complicated way to get my immigration papers finished, or a cheap place for good pizza. I love living outside of the states and in Playa del Carmen, but it is also nice to run into someone who knows where Iowa is on the map. With the climate and beaches, it’s easy to understand why people would choose this part of Mexico when considering retirement and/or searching for real estate in Riviera Maya.

What makes Mexico so great for expats? The survey conducted looked at different life aspects, ease of fitting in, work, home life, etc. It found that Mexico is number one when it comes to becoming a part of the community, finding friends and settling in. Almost 100% of those expats surveyed said that the population is friendly and have a good attitude towards foreign residents. The survey found that in Mexico it is easy to make local friends and feel comfortable with the culture, two very important things when considering a life abroad.

If you are thinking of becoming an expat and relocating to a new country, Mexico is a great place, look into Mayan Riviera real estate . This is an amazing area of the country with incredible weather, beaches, and people.

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