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Transportation in Playa del Carmen









So you’ve made the smart decision to buy a beautiful piece Playa del Carmen real estate and now you’re wondering, do I need a car or can I survive without one? The good news is, in this area there are many affordable ways to navigate PDC and the surrounding areas without having to own a car. Here are some options that I use that are inexpensive if you are looking to take a day trip and explore the Rivera Maya.  


Collectivos are small vans – usually seating about 10 people – that you can catch on 2nd street between 15th and 20th Avenue. Head to the first van in line, tell them where you are going and hop in. Drop off is on the highway so there may be some walking or a taxi ride needed to get to your final destination but it will definitely be cheaper than taking a taxi all the way from PDC. You will pay anywhere from $15 – $40 pesos, depending on where you are going. And it’s easy to catch a ride back; you just flag a van down on the highway and head north.

Ruta del Sol (Route of the Sun)

A lot like a collectivo, but bigger, this bus only picks up on the highway. The route is from Cancun to Tulum and back, a bus goes through PDC every 30 minutes. I love these buses because they are roomy, cheap and the AC is usually on high!

ADO (bus station on 20th Avenue and 12 street)

The ADO is my go-to option for getting to the airport and also a great way to discover areas outside of the Rivera Maya. Comparable to Greyhound, the buses are big, there is AC and usually a movie to watch and to go to the airport, and you’ll pay around $12-$15 USD, when a taxi can cost at least $50 USD from PDC.

For long term living in paradise, a car might be best, but these are great options to use while you try to decide whether to buy a car or not. 

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