Mayan Riviera real estate: Is Mexico Safe?

Mayan riviera real estate: Is Mexico safe?

“Why do you live in Mexico?” this is usually the first question I get from U.S. immigration officers upon entering the United States. Being a dual citizen, Mexican and American, I have the luxury of living in either country, and as many expats that bought Mayan Riviera real estate,  I am proud to call Mexico my home. “Sir, I live in the Mexican Caribbean, every morning I wake up to clear blue skies shining through my window and with the Caribbean ocean a mere steps from my back door. The question should really be, why wouldn’t I live in Mexico?”

Mexico spans over 2,000 miles, it’s a big country, in fact it’s ranked 14th in the world. Out of the 31 states that make up Mexico, only 6 states that mostly border the U.S., is where the main violence is located. Not coming to the Riviera Maya because of the violence in the state of Sonora, is like not going to Chicago, because of the Colorado shootings. I understand the negative light that has been shed on the violence in Mexico, especially since there is a so-called war on drugs. However, what the media fails to report is that the violence is only associated with the drug trade, in fact Mexico is safer when it comes to assault, kidnapping and rape, than the U.S. This means that unless you come to Mexico in hopes of joining a drug cartel, which for many obvious reasons I wouldn’t recommend, you are statistically safer in Mexico than in the U.S.  Quintana Roo, where the Riviera Maya is located, officially became a state in 1974, before then it was considered a federal territory. The state was founded with the idea of bringing more tourism to the country. Today, according to the Sedetur website, the state of Quintana Roo brings in just under half of all of Mexico’s tourist dollars, last year saw a total of $4.3 billion.

White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an assortment of water and land activities, the Riviera Maya is already a top destination, with many articles already being written about the spectacular destinations this area has to offer.

So the question really is, why wouldn’t you come visit? or why would´t you just get one of the great options that Mayan Riviera real estate is offering and make of this paradise your home?  I assure you that between the amazing beaches and impeccable service the only danger that exists is that you may never want to leave!

Greetings from the tropical waters of the Riviera Maya!


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