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Condos for sale in Playa de Carmen

Only 60 kilometers from Cancun, halfway to Tulum, Playa del Carmen developed from being a fisherman´s village  in the 80´s to a world known very cosmopolitan city, where you find people from all around the world, that have made this their new home, bringing a rich culture, delicious food, and a multi cultural atmosphere.  Playa del Carmen keeps growing and real estate in Playa del Carmen Mexico is booming again.  It is not only an amazing place for spending your holidays but it has also became a perfect spot for retirement in Mexico with a low cost living and 1st level services.

Playa is one of the most important and sophisticated tourism centers in Mexico which has resulted in a safe, stable and growing real estate market.

Of course most of the people look for condos in Down Town Playa del Carmen,  but now a days there are other interesting neighborhoods