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New to Playa del Carmen and have some questions? I’ve stumbled across a great group on Facebook called “Expats & Locals in Playa del Carmen”. The group is a place to post questions about Playa del Carmen and other people living here will comment with tips or help answer your question. For example, I have been looking for an inexpensive place to get my hair cut, preferably by someone who speaks English as my Spanish is not good enough to discuss how I’d like my hair cut. I posted the question in the group and within 30 minutes I had at least 4 recommendations for salons in the area, all of them varying in price range. I’m heading out today to try a salon in town ran by a woman from Canada. Others have posted questions about where to find buy a mattress, cell phone and internet provider questions, summer programs for kids, etc.  If you live here year round or even if you just are spending a few months here a year, it’s a great group to be a part of. Some of the people have lived in the area for 10+ years and everyone is extremely helpful.

Another helpful website that was recommended to me was Andale –  It’s like a Mexico version of Craig’s List. I was looking to buy an inexpensive bike and a friend suggested this page. I was able to find a good used bike for around $70 USD. There are job listings, cars and bikes for sale, home furnishings, etc.  A lot of the people are selling things because they are leaving the area so you can get some really good deals. Of course I would recommend seeing the item in person and not purchasing sight unseen. I met the girl I bought my bike from at Oxxo and gave it a test drive before purchasing.

You can even find a home for rent or sale on Andale, but the safest way to go about finding a property here in Mexico is going through an experienced and certified agent like the ones at Moskito. Andale is great for a small purchase but for a big purchase like property, working with a realtor is the way to go.

Two great resources for expats in Playa del Carmen, just a mouse click away!!


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