Moskito not only wants to provide the best service when it comes to Mayan Riviera real estate, property management and vacation rentals, they want to give back to their community and improve the beautiful place they are happy to call home. Moskito supports different projects and non-profit organizations around the Riviera Maya, Mexico and the world.  Thank you for doing business with us and being part of the giving process, you help give back!


Child Fund México.

ChildFund is inspired and driven by the potential that is inherent in all children; the potential not only to survive but to thrive, to become leaders who bring positive change for those around them.  This organization works in 31 countries, and assisted approximately 17.8 million children and their family members in 2012. Through Child Fund Mexico, Moskito is sponsoring and changing children´s lives in the poorest areas of Mexico.


Mexico Azul

Mexico Azul is an organization created to build consciousness of the marine habitat, to protect flora and wildlife of our oceans and sustainability by planning and carrying out programs of cooperation and cultural, civic and educational development.

Mexico Azul is managing an important project to protect the Bull Sharks in the Riviera Maya. They have been working with other groups trying to regulate and/or prohibit fishing as well as standardize regulations on recreational diving with sharks.


SOS El Arca.

SOS is a Non-Profit Organization in Playa del Carmen, Mexico that helps humans through the Zoo Therapy.

SOS El Arca rehabilitates locally rescued dogs, those with intelligence and passivity; dogs that are accepted into the Zoo Therapy program receive health care, education and training and then SOS searches for the perfect new home to place the dogs in, one where they will be well cared for and loved.



Mayahum is dedicated to the conservation of the jungle in Quintana Roo, the rescue of medical traditional practices and the development of a productive activity with social equity. It is an initiative for a better world, with the intention of pollinate the jungle, protect the bees and promote the use of the honey as food and medicine.



Tierra de Animales

Tierra de Animales sanctuary was founded in March 2011 as a refuge for Cancun’s forgotten and abandoned street dogs, or ‘perros callejeros’. Animals rescued from the streets now have a safe place to call home, and a place to heal from the unfortunate circumstances that left them alone and abandoned. Dogs who once had virtually no chance of survival , those that have been injured and abused, and those who are simply abandoned or born on the streets….now all have a second chance at a better life. Tierra de Animales’ mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and find forever homes for their dogs.



Nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress.  UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path. Unicef believes that by working together, we can all advance the cause of humanity.  UNICEF Mexico operates since 1954 and takes care of children, teenagers, pregnant women and new mothers in Mexico