Plant life in the Riviera Maya

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Plant life in Riviera Maya

With a year round tropical climate, the Riviera Maya is filled with beautiful plants, flowers, and trees. Beautiful plants, that if you purchase property or real estate in Riviera Maya, you might find in your front yard! Here are a few of my favorites.

Bougainvillea (known as bugambilia in Mexico)

I love the thin paper-like flowers on this tree, the typical colors I’ve seen around Playa del Carmen are magenta or white, my favorites are the hybrids where the flowers on one tree will be colors, and sometimes one single flower will be half and half 

Flamboyant (flame) tree

The first time I saw one of these in bloom I was in complete awe, the flowers are a vibrant bright orange, it looks like the tree is on fire (hence the name). They bloom in the Caribbean from May through September and have long brown seed pods and the leaves are very soft and green and look like little fern fronds. 

Ceiba tree

Considered sacred in the Mayan culture, a connection between the underworld, our world and the skies, the ceiba tree was known as Ya’axche to the Mayans and is still honored today by the Mayan people. One unique thing about this tree is the trunk, in young ceiba trees it is covered in spikes. I love how these trees age, they are truly magical looking and it is easy to see why the Mayan people found these trees to be sacred.

Banyan tree

I have one of these in the garden in front of my house; it provides so much shade for our place, keeping it cool during the heat of the day. The banyan tree has an aerial root, meaning they grow down from the branches, reconnecting with the ground to form another tree stump.

If you find a piece of real estate in Riviera Maya, check the plants in or around your new home, there is so much beauty around you in this part of the world and some of it just steps from your door! 


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