Paradisiac Beaches: Real estate in Puerto Morelos Mexico

Puerto Morelos Real Estate - Paradisiac beaches

Ever wonder what a small fisherman town in Mexico looks like? Then Puerto Morelos is the place to go. Puerto Morelos is basically composed of a small, charming, central square surrounded by restaurants, as well as a small English library/book exchange place and with beautiful options of real estate in Puerto Morelos Mexico. The original small light-house still stands, tilted to one side it’s a great place for photos. Puerto Morelos’ only street begins at the town square and takes you parallel from the beach on each direction, follow it north to reach beach access, or just walk on the soft sand until you find a nice comfortable place to enjoy your day.

The beach is spectacular, not only does it have a wide expanse of beach, but it also provides an amazing sight with bright hues of different colored blues stretching as far as you can see. The water’s of Puerto Morelos is also a cenote (sinkhole) exit, ask where the “ojo de agua” or “eye of the water” is, not to far out you’ll feel a rush of cold water coming out of the ground. Needless to say snorkel equipment is a must at this beach, considered a diver haven, there is much to see close to the shore. Clown fish, Blue Tang’s, and Trunk fish are a common sight in these waters, providing hours of enjoyment. When hunger strikes, an array of restaurants await just a short stroll away, Chinese food, a French Bistro and Mexican sea-food are just a few examples of what this charming town has to offer.

If you enjoy scuba diving, ask to be taken to the sunken coast guard ship. During the winter months you will be gliding down towards the ship accompanied by a family of Eagle Rays, once at the ship you will be able to go in and see a wide array of colored corals, sea cucumber and many fishes.

Whatever you choose Puerto Morelos guarantees a fun-filled, beautiful day!

Greetings from the tropical waters of the Riviera Maya!

Camila Pittman