Real estate Playa del Carmen, running On 5th Avenue

Real estate Playa del Carmen, 5ta Avenida

People looking for houses for sale in Playa del Carmen often ask what makes this town special.  Something that sets Playa del Carmen apart from other Mayan riviera real estate destinations is the lifestyle.  The people who live here, particularly the foreign investors in Mexico, enjoy healthy lifestyles. A favorite way to enjoy these healthy lifestyles is running.

Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue makes a perfect track.  At just over 2 kilometers (1.3 miles) of pedestrian boulevard, 5th Avenue keeps your run interesting with the different shops, restaurants, bars, and people.

Running in Mexico comes with its own risks and rewards, however, so be sure to plan your run accordingly.  To get the most out of your run, you’ll want to begin some time before ten in the morning.  The thermostat is still set to “Less Than Hot,” so you’ll be able to get a good workout without too much sweat.  Proper footwear is also a must.  The entire length of 5th Avenue is interlocking brick, so you’ll want running shoes with good support and protection, as some bricks will be set differently than others.

For the investment minded, an added bonus of running on 5th Avenue is the opportunity to check out the great condos for sale in Playa del Carmen.  Running affords you a better vantage point than sitting in an office, looking at photos on a computer screen.  Also, you can cover more ground a lot faster on foot.

 Who says you can’t have it all?

Greetings from the tropical waters of the Riviera Maya!


Craig Norton – Moskito Real Estate