Volunteer Opportunities in Playa del Carmen


Volunteer opportunities in Playa del Carmen

Coco´s Cat Rescue, Playa Animal Rescue, Adopta un Amigo, and Tierra de Animales

When moving to a new city or in this case, country, I’ve found a really good way to become part of the community and to meet great people is to look for volunteer opportunities. As an animal lover, I’m drawn to those organizations that help rescue and find homes for cats and dogs. With a little restraint I’ve been able to keep my household to a two cat minimum (for now). I’ve found a couple organizations in the area that are doing great things for the animals of PDC.

One organization that I have personal experience with is Coco’s Cat Rescue. When I rescued my cats, I took them to Coco’s to have them spayed and neutered for only $300 pesos, an amount they suggest as a donation. There are many opportunities to get involved at Coco’s, either by volunteering, fostering animals or donating money to the cause. On Fridays, you can go to their office and spend a couple hours in the afternoon cuddling with the kittens that are up for adoption. Fair warning, there’s a good chance the cuteness will be too much and you’ll end up with a new member of the family..

Three other organizations that I’ve found via Facebook are Playa Animal Rescue, Adopta un Amigo, and Tierra de Animales. The goal of all of these organizations is to eliminate the number of animals that are living on the street without food and someone to take care of them.

If you are looking for something to do to give back to the community and you love animals, check out their Facebook pages or the links I’ve included below. There are so many volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved. Also, if you are without a pet and looking for someone to bring home that will love you unconditionally; they have dogs and cats available for adoption for little to no cost.





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